Welcome to Open iWeb, a community created to help foster the development of unique applications around iWebTrack™’s open Application Programming Interface (API). Open iWeb increases iWebTrack™’s functionality by providing public access to raw data therefore allowing third party developers to create customizable reports as well as providing a platform for the development of new and unique software. Through the use of the open API, iWebTrack™ customers now have unprecedented control over their web analytics data. Developers now have the necessary resources to quickly create custom reports, applications, software, etc.

Benefits of Open iWeb:
o Customizable Reports - Customers can now view internet visitor data in any format
o Domain Hiding - Host all of iWebTrack™’s reports on your own domain
o XML Reporting Features – Take advantage of Open iWeb’s easy to use XML reporting features
o Domain Addition (Coming Soon!) – Add domains directly to your iWebTrack™ profile
o And much, much more!

Take advantage of Open iWeb and sign up now for this powerful open API!

Documentation on the functionality of the Open iWeb API can be found HERE.